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Phone Us: (250) 384-3211 (We accept all major credit cards in person only


Mail Cheque or Money Order to: ATTN VNFC Programs Fundraiser, 231 Regina Ave, Victoria BC - V8Z 1J6  - Donate to The Victoria Native Friendship Centre through by click on the link.


Organizational Facts

The Victoria Native Friendship Centre is a not-for-profit organization that values the partnership of communities. Donors have the options of sponsoring an entire Department of programs and services at the VNFC, or sponsoring one specific area of programming. For example, an agency may decide to support youth initiatives or health-related programs that reflect an agencies personal agenda. Donations of $20 and up will receive a charitable receipt. 

Fundraiser 2016



Fundraiser 2016 Poster

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 Donation Info

Legal Name: Victoria Native Friendship Centre

Legal Address:  231 Regina Ave , Victoria BC - V8Z 1J6

Telephone: (250) 384-3211 Fax: (250) 384-1586 

Society Number: S8469

Registration Number: BF818433

Charity Number: 108172933RR0001