Family Services  


The Family Services Team consists of two Family Support Workers and three Social Workers. Our mandate is to advocate on behalf of individual(s) requesting our services and to work with those urban Indigenous families who are directly involved with the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD). 

Social Workers report directly to the Family Services Team leader and/or the Social Service Programs Manager. The social worker provides direct services that include support for Indigenous families to help them achieve their goals. The worker(s) will provide this support throughout the development, implementation and completion of their individualized risk reduction plan and, if requested, will provide continuing support, check-ins and advocacy after. Some areas of support include, but are not limited to, providing one-on-one emotional support, attending case conferences, meeting with lawyers, preparation for court, and advocacy with MCFD By using a holistic, culturally sensitive approach the Social Worker will be part of a multi-disciplinary team working to improve children, family and community identity and wellness.

Family Support Workers report to the Team Leader and assist families in achieving their goals through support, referral, skill development, education, mentor-ship and cultural continuity. We provide home visits and provide support with parenting skills, communication skills, budgeting, life skills, nutrition, housing, social assistance, legal aid and court processes.All team workers work to build solid networks of support within our community and with sister agencies.  Your worker will make referrals to community supports if necessary but many referrals can be done in house. The team works to provide traditional and cultural values as related to individual(s) life.

Intake process:

Any one wishing the services of VNFC must complete an intake process either by phone or in person. An intake worker can be reached Monday through Friday from 1:00pm-4:00pm.If you have been a client of the Family Services Team in the past you may reconnect with them by phone and do not need to go through the intake process again.All referrals to the team are given to the Team Leader and she will make the initial contact with you and assign a worker for you.While our mandate is to serve urban Indigenous people in the Victoria area we will provide services to anyone requesting them.

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