Aboriginal Childhood Intervention Services (ACIS)

We strive to support the healthy growth and development of Aboriginal children, youth, and families. The Aboriginal Childhood Intervention Services team includes the Aboriginal Infant Development Program (AIDP), the Aboriginal Supported Child Development (ASCD) Program, Indigenous Speech Language Pathology Program and the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Key Worker & Parent Support Program. The Aboriginal Childhood Intervention Services Team provides support to families living on or off reserve in the South Vancouver Island Region, which includes the 10 local First Nations (Malahat First Nation, Tseycum First Nation, Tsawout First Nation, Tsartlip First Nation, Pauquachin First Nation, Beecher Bay First Nation, T’sou-ke First Nation, Pacheedaht First Nation, Songhees First Nation, and Esquimalt First Nation) Métis, and Urban Aboriginal community.

Aboriginal Infant Development Program (AIDP) – Serving Aboriginal families from across the region who have children from birth to six years of age. Contact AIDP if you would like to know more about; parenting ideas, your child’s development, play and learning, challenging behaviour, support for a child with special needs, and community resources. AIDP brochure - chick here

  • Contact Person: Rebecca Mabee (Manager)
  • Office: 250- 382 – 3211 ext: 2289
  • Work Cell: 250 – 886 – 7931
  • Email: r.mabee@vnfc.ca


Aboriginal Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Keyworker Program (FASD) – Serving Aboriginal families with children ages 0 – 19 years of age who are diagnosed with FASD, suspected to have FASD, supporting families through the assessment and diagnostic process. Mentoring families to facilitate an increase in their knowledge, skills and confidence while striving to empower the family to become their own best advocate for their child. The FASD Keyworker also provides workshops, referrals to other resources and information to those who do not meet the age requirement. 

  • Contact Person: Rebecca Mabee (Manager)
  • Office: 250- 382 – 3211 ext: 2289
  • Work Cell: 250 – 886 – 7931
  • Email: r.mabee@vnfc.ca


Aboriginal Supported Child Development (ASCD) is a provincial program that is designed to specifically meet the needs of children who require extra support. ASCD recognizes that inclusion and providing intervention and support during the early stages of development is important and allows children to grow and learn in safe and nurturing environments. The ASCD Program provides services for children who need support in the following areas: physical, communication, cognitive, social/emotional and behavioural development.

  • Contact Person: Michele Nault McIsaac (Acting Manager)
  • Office: 250-384-3211 ext. 2261
  • Work Cell: 250-216-8109
  • Email: michele.n@vnfc.ca


Indigenous Speech Language Pathologist (ISLP) Through collaboration with caregivers an Indigenous Speech Language Pathologist helps children, 0-5 years old, learn to communicate with others, understand what others say, develop play skills with peers and adults, say words clearly and be understood by others and express feelings, ideas, needs and wants. ISLP brochure - click here

  • Contact Person: Pat Blundon
  • Office: (250) 384-3211 
  • Work Cell: (250) 880-0551
  • Email: pat.b@vnfc.ca


Jordan’s Principle – Provides culturally appropriate support to ensure First Nations children and youth aged 0-19 receive the services they need, when they need them, in a way that works for them.  The Jordan’s Principle Service Coordinator advocates and coordinates existing health, educational, cultural and social supports and services.  When a gap or barrier arises in existing services, then the child’s need will be substantiated for a Jordan’s Principle request to ensure the child is holistically supported in all areas of need.  Services are entirely child and family-led while utilizing a circle of care approach.

Jordan's Principle Brochure - click here


  • Contact Person: Angela Heaton (Jordan’s Principle Service Coordinator)
  • Office: 250-384-3211 ext. 6137
  • Work Cell: 250-589-9040
  • Email: angela.h@vnfc.ca



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