Contact Us

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm

Location & Mailing Address

231 Regina Avenue
Victoria, BC V8Z 1J6 (See Map)

Phone:  250.384.3211
Fax:  250.384.1586

General Inquiries

General inquiries about the Victoria Native Friendship Centre and our programming can be sent to If you know that name of the department or person you wish to connect with, please review the staff directory below.


Intake is available by phone only due to COVID-19. Please call reception for more information.

Intake Hours:
Monday to Friday 
1:00pm - 4:00pm



Youth Drop-in 
Done virtually due to Covid-19
Tuesday to Thursday 
3:30pm - 7:00pm (subject to change)

Staff List (names linked to email where available)


  • Ron R, Executive Director
  • Kari H, Assistant Executive Director
  • Tanya C, Director of Management Services
  • Kalynka C, Clinical Supervisor
  • Kerri A, Contract Manager 
  • Lydia P, Administrative Assistant
  • Sharon S, Administrative Assistant, Hamper Assistant
  • Nadya C, Administrative Assistant
  • Terry D, Senior Administrator of Information Technologies
  • Lisa M, Indigenous Culture & Traditions Coordinator
  • Angie H, Elders & Senior Support Worker
  • Kennedy M, Intake Worker & Garden Support Worker



Aboriginal Infant Development Program

  • Rebecca M, Co-Manger of Aboriginal Childhood Intervention Services
  • Maria S, AIDP Consultant and Group Cultural Coordinator
  • Brandi R, AIDP Consultant (Mat Leave)
  • Mandy G, AIDP consultant
  • Vacant, AIDP Consultant

Aboriginal Supported Child Development Program

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Department

Indigenous Speech Language Pathology

  • Pat B, Indigenous Speech Language Pathology
  • Angela H, Jordan's Principle Service Coordinator 

Career, Employment & Education Resources (CEER)

  • Nadia S, CEER Director
  • Herman H, Indigenous Liason/Career Tansition Guide
  • Vacant, Career & Education Guide 
  • Sophia G, Career & Education Guide
  • Lydia P, Data Clerk
  • Sharon S, Data Clerk 

VNFC Properties 

  • Jen W, Siem Lelum Property Manager
  • Alexis M, Siem Lelum Assistant Property Manager
  • Hayley K, Siem Lelum Tenant Support Worker
  • Chelsea T, Siem Lelum Tenant Support Worker
  • (250) 383-1283

Cedar House

Custodial & Building Maintenance

  • Angie M, Custodial / Maintenance 
  • Chris A, Custodian / Maintenance
  • Jay J, Custodian / Maintenance 
  • Amanda J, Custodian
  • John C, Custodian
  • Avery N, Custodian

Family Services

Family Violence Project

  • Glenn P, Family Violence Project Coordinator
  • Jill J, Wowmens Warrior Coordinator 
  • Shona C, Clinical Supervisor / Mental Health Liaison
  • Christina K, Health Team Lead
  • Isobel D, Health Support Worker
  • Vanessa R, Health Support Worker 
  • Scott I, Health Administration Assistant
  • Vacant, Wellness and Addictions Worker

Housing Outreach

Slaheena & Indigenous Parenting

  • Rebecca M, Indigenous Early Education and Nutrition Program Coordinator
  • Aiden F, CAPC/ Family Support Worker and Lactation/Feeding Consultant
  • Trynn B, Family Support Worker
  • Delwyn P, Family Support Worker
  • Sierra L, Youth & Child Counsellor
  • Nicole G, Young Warriors Team Lead
  • William S, Young Warriors Program Facilitator 

XaXe Stelitkel Daycare


  • Anne B, Youth Team Lead
  • Christine A, Youth Clinical Counsellor
  • Chris J, RAVE Cultural Drop-in Coordinator
  • Brayden C, RAVE Drop-in Coordinator
  • Tony C, Youth Support Worker
  • Kailyn J, Youth Support Worker
  • Aly W, Administrative Coordinator & Support Worker
  • Vacant, Youth Support Worker


  • Jon B, Kitchen Manager
  • Jeremy M,Programs Cook
  • Laine C, Programs Cook
  • Earl M, Programs Cook