Our Logo

The logo has been designed to appropriately reflect the diversity of the Urban Aboriginal Community. The different elements are inclusive of the many different cultures either seeking or offering services at the Centre. A portion of the design has also been dedicated to be respectful of the host territory upon whose land our Centre is situated. 

The Logo Contains: 

  • Components that represent the Coast Salish terrain and coastline
  • Four traditional colours that represent the four races, the four directions and the four components of wellness
  •  A recognized symbol of wealth and prosperity in the form of the copper
  • The image of the eagle which represents divine power, leadership and knowledge and is revered by All First Nations
  • Three and a half strokes, feathers or ribs of the copper that recognize over 35 years of service to the community.  


Logo Created and Donated By:

Leslie McGarry: VNFC - Culture & Community Relations Director