Indigenous Model for Delivering Employment and Ecnomic Success (IMDEES)

Indigenous Model for Delivering Employment and Economic Success (IMDEES) is a program to support participants to achieve meaningful and lasting employment . The program involves experiential learning through work stimulations and work placements. Participants will receive a living allowance during training (stream 1), and wage simulation during work placements.(both streams) As well as cohort guided cultural activities, such as drumming, signing, and smudginimdees 2g, and cultural and knowledge sharing with elders.

Stream One: This 20 - week program in intended for participants who have little or prior engagement in the workforce, are facing mulitple barriers to employment, and/or need a high level of training and support.

The cohort particpates in workshops they build skills in financial literay, numeracy, interviews, resume writing, cover letter writing, time managment, public speaking, and much more.

Participants in this program will experience up to a four work placements, and at the end of the program they will be supported to find employment. Participants will be prepared to participate in the workforce supported to find positions that are a good fit for them and make use of their unique skills.


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