The Elder's Room is hosted by the VNFC Cultural Programs.

The room is open is daily from 9:00 - 4:30

Check in at reception

Tea is always ready for you!

Check the calendar page for Elder's updates






Elders' Room Mural 

This beautiful Aboriginal Mural was designed by Jamin Zuroski, Namgis First Nations Artist.  This piece is called "Gilakasla", meaning "Thank You".

Thank you Elders for guiding our youth and families to strong and healthy minds.

Thank you for your courage, wisdom and honouring the traditions of our peoples.

You each provide clear focus and open pathways which make our journeys successful and memorable.


Capable of bridging worlds, courage and freedom 



Carrier of the history of the world 



Great teacher, pathfinder, ritual, and family 



Wisdom and guidance 


You can contact Jamin Zuroski through his website www.jaminzuroski.com

We hope you feel free and welcome to stop by and have a visit.