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The goals and objectives of the Centre include the following points directly related to the Culture & Community Liaison (CCL) and by which we develop and implement programming for the community:

  • To create better understanding between First Nations people and the general public, and to promote planning with government, health, welfare, church and other agencies to improve the quality of services and facilities for First Nations people in the community
  • To encourage the public to take an informed interest in the promotion of these objectives and in the general well-being of First Nations people.

Current Programs and Services:

  • Providing Cultural Awareness Sessions and Workshops
  • Providing Interpretive Tours of the Royal BC Museum's First Peoples Gallery and Thunderbird Park, Totem Pole Gallery
  • Networking with community agencies on Cultural Initiatives and events
  • Providing assistance with Aboriginal content in curriculum development and presentation for the local School Districts

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Culture & Community Relations

Culture & Community Liaison

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